Important Steps During Logo Designing

10 Important Steps During Logo Designing

Any logo designed in unique form, and carries a simple and flexible idea and goal is one of the most important attributes to the success of any company, website or business, regardless of its type.

So before we start designing a logo, what are the basic steps to start, regardless of the routine things that we read for the design of logos (simplicity, see global corporate logos and ideas, etc.)? Therefore, what I am going to talk about here is routine and simple ideas over your style in designing the logos and your method of dealing with the clients.

Before we start, make sure that you have been chosen for designing a logo of a company and that they have searched long time before choosing you or they did not find another person except you, so you must assume this responsibility and work professionally since this logo will be attributed to you someday.

1. Learn about company’s field

Its history, basic features and the distribution of its branches, and try not to miss any small or large matters relating to the company, but be informed by it and do not forget to collect its old publications and designs in case of an old company.

2. Have a meeting with the manage

Discuss the ideas and proposals of the client over the logo and of course don’t consider it in your design process, but to have some information over the thoughts, ideas and expectations of the manager.

3. Shrinking the time does not mean excellence

The idea of completing the logo in 24 hours is completely an obsolete idea, and short time means either that the logo was extracted of another site or that the quality of the work means nothing to you and to the company’s manager.

4. Do not underestimate your pricing

Do not ask for a random price without studying it! Do not make the price negotiation impossible! Be flexible and let your view, love and interest in your work reach him/her when they reject your price conclusively. Take your stuff and greet them without malice. Go to a park, review the meeting, learn from your mistakes and do not complete the following steps!

5. Before starting the design

Collect all information of the company, coordinate and arrange it, and search the Internet for similar companies. Try to collect some ideas, arrange it and start to apply your thoughts and perceptions in a manner that is far from imitation and in a simple and uncomplicated form.

6. Do not kill the creativity

The most important point to your work is that you do not copy from another or a similar company. Never imitate! Someday they will discover this imitation and it will be a black spot in your creativity log. Be creative even in a simple style and your style will be developed gradually and becomes a professional one while others will imitate you.

7. During your work

It is preferred that you work on more than one idea. Try to arrange a visit to that company and show the manager some of the models you worked on. They may reject the idea completely and give you some observations. This will be good for you so as not to lose your effort in vain.

8. All is done with the design?

Make sure that the work you’ve done favors you firstly and then try to consult some friends or designers around you, since someone may help you with something and you’ll have a different perspective than yours. Afterwards, organize (I mean by the word “organize” that your visit to the company is scheduled previously) a visit to the company. Show the manager your design and discuss your thoughts and ideas with them.

9. When they request amendments:

You rarely find someone who admires your work completely. Focus on what they want and do not make them believe that they possess you forever and they can make amendments at any time. They can make one or two amendments, of course as the case requires.

10. The final step

Finally, display the logo on your site or in one of the Arabic or foreign sites and discuss the members and designers over their views. Accept criticism and use it as a way to develop yourself, so as not to repeat your mistakes over again and to develop your style and skills.

In the end, do you find these steps correct and useful or they are just minor steps and can be dispensed with and dependence will be on the experience only.


My name is Mohammed Alyousfi, I’m interested in researching the usability of the Web sites, and exploring the artistic and philosophical vision of logos.

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