Ideas to Get New Clients

32 Ideas to Get New Clients

Most of freelancers are asking themselves the following question :
How can I get new clients?

Whether you are a designer, programmer, developer or writer in the some fields, here are more than 30 ideas that will help you get new clients. Although not all of them will suit you, some of them may be good for you and will give you those opportunities to connect with new clients.

Stay in touch with your clients

1. Promote your services to your family and friends,

2. Send e-mails to former colleagues to advertise your services,

3. Ask your clients whether they are satisfied with your work and take testimonies from them,

4. Provide free hints and tips to your clients and colleagues of the same profession,

5. Contact your clients, former and current ones, and ask them about their need for new services,

6. Use newsletters and forward it in your field of business,

7. Use a signature at the end of each message and place your contact and site details etc. in it,

8. You can print calendars and distribute it to your clients as a reminder of your business,

9. You can also print brochures containing your services and you can place your initial prices in it,

10. Propose free services to your clients (Twitter, Blog, newsletters) and link them to it

11. Do not miss different conferences, events and meetings,

12. Do not miss the events and activities of current and former clients and be with them,

13. You can also sponsor the events of your clients,

14. Always prepare your business card,

15. Always participate in social groups (school, university, friends of friends)

16. Participate in forums and blogs , respond to threads and do not forget to link your name to your site,

17. You can create a private or public blog for communication.

Propagate yourself

1. You can print T-shirts with your own logo, for example, and wear it in times of work,

2. Place some ads in specialized magazines, sites and blogs,

3. Place your name in the directory of jobs or work in some specialized sites,

4. Send congratulations on various occasions to your clients and friends,

5. Always use the official papers with your logo on it in the contracts, documents, etc.

6. Publish an e-book specialized in the field of your site,

7. Place your work in competitions and awards and try to win,

8. Create accounts on social networking sites, specifically LinkedIn,

9. You can arrange competitions and distribute prizes,

10. Make exquisite designs and publish it in local and global work shows,

11. Use specialized keywords at your site for archiving

by search engines,

12. Place your site details in the yellow pages of your region,

13. Link your details in different social networks,

14. Do not forget traditional ways of linking (business card, signatures, newsletters, etc.)

15. Create a private work site and place your business and contact details in it.

These were some ideas which may be appropriate for new clients.
Do you have other ideas and suggestions you want to share with us?


My name is Mohammed Alyousfi, I’m interested in researching the usability of the Web sites, and exploring the artistic and philosophical vision of logos.

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