Important steps before meeting a new client

7 Important steps before meeting a new client

Freelancers (e.g. designers or programmers) or those who adopt self-employment as additional work will have many situations in which they meet a new client; company owner, project owner, or any person who needs to hire someone else for a new work. Do not deny that the blessing by God and the quality and level of your work are the main things, however, there are other small and scattered things that contribute significantly to the success of this meeting. As a first stage, we will talk about the most important things before meeting a new client.

1. Collect your masterpieces 

One of the most important preparatory steps to meet your customer is to collect and arrange your important and main works, and try to review other works that are similar to what you customer will need from you, for example, when he/she wants you to design a logo, show them some of the logos and also try, in case you have a great amount of the works, to show them what suits their business. For instance, if they are working in auto field, show them a car logo or something closer to it, and do not take them away from the work field or disperse them with different ideas and work that do not interest them.

2. Ask about the type of your client, their business and way of thinking

Try to meet a person who had a meeting with your customer, in advance, to tell you about their personality and the way of dealing. Whatever this person says, it will not change anything in you, namely, do not cancel the appointment, for example, because you do not like something in the idea. Only consider some things about their thoughts and personality that will be useful for you in dealing with them.

3. Find out examples of their business

The idea here is important to conclude the style of the client and the type of his/her business, and to find out what they are missing and what they may ask you about. They may ask you about their logo, website or advertising campaign carried out by them, so you must have that idea so that you can discuss and deal with them.

4. Your look and your tools are very important things

Do not forget anything! Please try to remember anything that might help you or may be important for you (laptop charger, SD card, hard disk, CD-ROM, brochures, etc.). Embarrassment due to forgetting one of these main things in the meeting is like pulling a pillar out of a building, however, the whole building will not fall down, but it will be imbalanced and gives you a negative impression about its owner. Do not forget to care about your look very well in the first meeting. Try to go out directly to the meeting, not long hours before it, so as not to feel tired, and do not miss it.

5. Review your prices well

Review all your prices and set a maximum and a minimum value for the price. Do not underestimate your prices. Set a price that suits you and makes you comfortable in the work and does not tyrannize the client. Make sure that you can memorize it when a client asks you about the cost. You should not be staring at the sky. Focus and tell them the price with full confidence and make the negotiation about it possible. As I said, do not cling to the maximum value and do not descend below the minimum value.

6. Stick to the deadline

Select from the beginning the date that suits you and suits your client and do not postpone it whatever happens (of course you can postpone it in special and emergency cases). Do not go to the meeting to tell them that you are in a hurry, and the most important point – never go too late. If you went and you did not find them, your compliance to the deadline will make them committed to everything with you.

7. Virtual Meeting 

Imagine what they’ll ask you about. Try to think of how to talk; set virtual questions and direct answers, imagine the smallest things and consider assumptions to deal with it. Finally, the success is only granted by God in the first class, as I mentioned, however, the assumptions will make you deal with things reliably with excluding the surprises, but do not make this step puts you in a state of delusion and anxiety. Deal with it simply and smoothly.

These points I have mentioned may not be everything, but as a personal experience, they are basic and important things and adherence to it is good at all levels.

Finally, review your prices well, select a date that suits you and your client, and try not to postpone it.


My name is Mohammed Alyousfi, I’m interested in researching the usability of the Web sites, and exploring the artistic and philosophical vision of logos.

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